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Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is essential in many fields including Natural Science, Engineering, Medicine, Finance and Social science.

Mathematics is the Queen of the Science.

Applied mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with mathematical methods that find use in Science, Engineering, Business, Computer Science and Industry.

Real life in Mathematics

  • Algebra - Calculating the Amount of paint need, to paint the walls of room.
  • Differential Equation - Transport and disposition of chemicals through the body.
  • Operation Research - Search and tracking of submarines.
  • Statistics - Signal Processing.

Department of Physics

Physics is the Science of energy and matter and how they relate to each other.

Origin of Physics:

  • Translation of classical Latin - Physica from Classical Greek - Physika.

Law of Conservation of Energy :

  • The Law of conservation of energy is a law of science that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed one from another (or) transfered from object to another.

Everyday Example :

  • When you push a book across the table, the energy from your moving arm is transferred from your body to the book, causing the book to move.

Department of Chemistry

By Studying Chemistry you will acquire a wide range of skills and learn about ideas and concepts which address all the important questions in modern science. Chemistry is also an excellent preparation for moving out in to the world not just into the very successful chemical and Pharmaceutical industry but also into business and the professions.